Deco HT

Deco HT back-painted glass offers higher opacity and a smooth, uniform finish to perfectly accent any design.

Deco HT is perfect for commercial buildings and spandrel applications.

Back-Painted Glass

Highlight Your Design

Guardian Deco HT™ brings harmony, contrast and a bold look to any setting. Created using a proprietary coating system, Deco HT is both durable and eye-catching. Its tempered quality ensures it can define spaces for years to come. Higher opacity and a smooth, uniform finish perfectly accent any design.


State-of-the-art Technology

Deco HT uses a sustainable, cutting-edge process that blends beauty and performance.


Instead of a brush or roll application, high-precision curtain coating gives Deco HT its superior consistency. Heat treatment then fuses paint to the glass to achieve a uniform appearance in three widely specified colors.


Deco HT is now available for interior and exterior applications:

•  Glass whiteboards •  Shelving and displays
•  Tabletops and work surfaces •  Cabinet fronts
•  Backsplashes •  Spandrels
•  Wall claddings

Added Benefits

•  Easy to cut, fabricate and temper
•  Five-year warranty extends the life of designs
•  Arrives pre-painted to save time, labor and storage space
•  Provided by all Guardian US float plants


Available in White, Warm Gray and Black

 Guardian Deco HT 2018 Color boxes


Deco HT Spec Sheet (PDF)


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