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Our entire portfolio of interior glass products is manufactured within the context of our sustainability commitment. We understand our responsibility to our customers, stakeholders as well as the environment.


While engineering and performance standards limit the degree to which recycled content from mixed sources can be used in glass manufacturing, our float glass itself is an inherently sustainable product, manufactured with the same six raw materials: sand, soda ash, dolomite, limestone, salt cake and up to 20 percent cullet (reused glass)—all of which are procured from the sources that are closest to the plant, whenever possible. Our glass products are also designed for end-of-life recycling into other value-added products, such as in the making of cement for roads. Additionally, InGlass products do not contain any chemicals listed in Annex B of the BIFMA e-3 standard and are manufactured using commercially available materials and chemicals. We are committed to maintaining our longstanding policy of minimal exposure.

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